1985 Mouse
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Lower right & dated






36cm x 30cm



Watercolor on paper


Condition good Weight1 kg
Notes: We are trying to take photos accurately and clearly for presentation. Due to light reflection or shooting angle, there could be minor color different(such as this area is darker or that area is brighter). Please don't hold us for it and we guarantee you the one you receive is the same one taking by the photo. At the same time we are also trying to depict the condition to the best we can, from the human eyes perspective, and we will point out all major defects. However, most of the items we sold are antique or vintage, so likely it will have small condition here and there and it's just not possible to nail down every one of them. Please only bid if you understand the general rule. This is not to scare you away but rather a establishment of a mutual respect baseline. If you do have issue after purchase, we will work with you in a timely fashion until it's resolved.
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